Letter to the Editor: Don’t Eliminate Dog Beach

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I am 100 percent in support of dog beach and don’t support new leash laws. This beach is not only for our pets but is also a family beach where families enjoy quality time with their kids and four legged family members.

By taking away dog beach you are also taking away the opportunity for families and dogs to learn to play and get along in a safe and friendly environment.

This is a place where dogs are trained, as well as kids and adults in positive social interaction between canines and people. I have seen so many great dogs at this beach and people have had nothing but positive feedback.

This location is ideal for off leash canines for several reasons, including the natural barriers, small waves, many friendly dogs and people, encourages dog socialization, and lastly the river outlets has poor water quality. Most people won’t swim or let their kids play in it due to all the runoff from the (enormous) Santa Ana River watershed, which covers Orange and San Bernardino counties. People rarely use it to swim in, but the dogs don’t seem to care!

By eliminating dog beach it would be a waste of a location that dog owners DO NOT take for granted. I walk or bike my three dogs there at least once or twice a week. That’s more than most people in Orange County visit the beach every year (guaranteed).

And I know I’m not just speaking for myself because a majority of my neighbors living in Suburbia Park or Meredith Gardens, who also pay a lot of taxes that support our city and state beaches, feel the exact same way (and so do their pets). I don’t want to see my tax dollars go to yet another beach that my entire family can’t use (including my dogs), especially a beach that is right in my backyard.


Maja Milosevic and John Morgan

Newport Beach

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