Letter to the Editor: Electing Our Mayor in Newport Beach is an Easy Sell

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When has Newport Beach ever settled for “fine”?  Our beaches, streets, community service, and so much more are excellent.

Our current system to select our great city’s Mayor is fine. We elect our City Council members and they select the Mayor for whatever reasons they decide makes sense that year. Sometimes the selection is great, sometimes it’s fine, but the process itself in this day and age is just fine.

So let’s change it. Let’s have the power and responsibility of choosing the City’s symbolic and substantive leader be handled by the voters.

Let’s have people sell their vision. Let’s have that vision last longer than a brief twelve-month trial.

Let’s Elect Our Mayor.

To do that, we need to help the campaign gather over 9,000 signatures. We all know that if this makes the ballot, it will be the easiest sell. Who in this City wouldn’t want to choose their Mayor?

In this world where negativity runs rampant, how often do we really get a chance to make some governmental change for generational good? I’m in and invite you to join.

Lauren Kramer / Corona del Mar

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