Letter to the Editor: Epidemic of Oversized Residences

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Recently, the 1113 Kings Road residential project that was approved for a 12,300-square-foot structure by the City Council, who obviously did not recognize that the plans were changed and finalized for an almost an 18,000-square-foot residence. This happened AFTER your vote at the Council meeting. This neglectful decision now has the potential to destroy the adjacent homes.

The residents are in favor of private property rights; however, the Council once again listened to city staff.

Personally, the number of homes that I am aware of being compromised is up to 86 and counting.

This “structural virus” and the continued need for greed is literally destroying the charm of our town.

I suggest that in the future that the Council focus on the majority of tax paying stakeholders’ advice, as opposed to the nouveau riche that are swarming into Newport Beach like parasites.

Let this be a lessened learned that when the Council is presented with the future of the 215 Garden Project and the Newport Village Project, please listen to your constituents. As these are two more additional projects that will further erode the charm of our town.

This epidemic must be stopped.

We are just trying to live in peace without having our homes compromised by these oversized structures.

Peggy Palmer
Newport Beach

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