Letter to the Editor: For the Record

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I am Noah Blom and I am running for District 5 City Council. I would like to set the record straight with regard to a recent editorial.

I apologize for any confusion on my website regarding my endorsement by the Newport Beach Police and Firefighter departments. City agencies do not make political endorsements. I am very proud that I have been endorsed by the rank and file through the Newport Beach Police and Firefighter Associations. I have adjusted my web site to have the necessary language corrections; I am glad this was brought to my attention.

We face a lot of challenges and I don’t want minor points to distract from the major issues that together we must deal with to preserve the charm and character of our City. These issues include the airport, the homeless crisis, the reopening of our economy and the proposed mandate for the City to provide an additional 4,832 residences.

We need to collectively fight this unrealistic mandate, and any eventual high-density housing that is mandated should be thoroughly vetted and located in an appropriate location, likely by the airport.

I am opposed to new high-density housing in our established and already built out neighborhoods and villages.

As a small business owner myself, I believe we must put our local merchants, salons, gyms, restaurants, hotels and other businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic back to work, which will become one of the greatest challenges to our quality of life and success in 2021.

I have a proven track record for successful negotiations and collaborative ideas. I will use my business experience to negotiate the best deals possible to maintain the strength and integrity Newport Beach.

We have to pass the torch to the next generation, to protect and preserve our villages, enhance and inspire our children and push forth the quality of life our community and families deserve.

I am a fighter, a hard worker, and 100 percent committed to the position I am running for: District 5 City Council.

Noah Blom / Newport Beach

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