Letter to the Editor: Getting Back to Newport’s Business

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I do not speak for the Yes On Measure B folks. I do not speak for the No On Measure B folks. Like you, I am simply a resident of Newport.

Good, Bad, or Indifferent, the outcome of Measure B has been decided.

As my Dad would say about management issues in the law firm with which he was affiliated: “Once a controversial issue in the firm has been discussed and resolved, it is time to put the issue behind you, to join hands, and to look forward—not back.”

So it should be with the Newport Council’s business.

Homelessness/Be Well/Bridge Shelter, the Budget, Capital Improvement Projects (including Junior Lifeguard Building, Library Lecture Hall, Balboa Library Branch/Fire Station Replacement, Drainage Improvement Projects, Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter, Infrastructure, the Drought, the Library, Unfunded Pension Liability, the Return of Tourism/Hospitality, John Wayne Airport/Aviation Committee, our Harbor, Film Festival, Boat Parade, COVID-19 Pandemic, our Parks, our Departments and their Directors and their valued staff/employees, RHNA/City’s Housing Element/General Plan Update, PD/FD issues, Waste Disposal, Group Residential Uses, a myriad of Commissions/Committees, and many, many, many more issues to tackle.

Soldier On–with civility and collaboration.

Or as author Paulo Coelho tells us in his 1993 classic “The Alchemist, “When you can’t go back, you have to worry only about the best way of moving forward.”

Paul K. Watkins / Newport Beach

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