Letter to the Editor: In Support of Robyn Grant’s Candidacy for the Newport Beach City Council

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Prior to Covid 19, my partner and I braved our first trip to the Costa Mesa bridge Club. It was bit intimidating as the club was known for having a wealth of accomplished players.  The only person I recognized and who recognized me was Robyn Grant. We had never spoken but were clearly opponents on a Newport Beach political issue.

This was not an auspicious beginning.

In the course of the game, my partner and I made our way around the room to Robyn and her partner’s table. Whatever I had been concerned about disappeared.

Robyn was welcoming, gracious and a very fine bridge player. Besides upping my game, Robyn helped me understand her position and listened to mine. We discovered more common ground that I would have thought possible.

Robyn listens, simple but powerful. Although Robyn will incorporate the priorities of others, her core principles will govern her final decisions. She will do what she believes is best for the people of Newport Beach.

The club closed due to the pandemic, but I have followed Robyn’s efforts with Speak Up Newport, the Animal shelter, and Leadership Tomorrow. I’ve observed her commitment to small business, our libraries, the Arts Commission and numerous other activities around the city. Robyn knows Newport from the harbor to the shelters; it’s her home and her passion.

That is the person I want to help govern our city. Not someone who always agrees with me, not someone who is beholden to specific person or group, but Robyn Grant who is her own remarkable person.

What I know for certain is that Robyn will always bring a smile, an abundance of common sense, keen intelligence and fierce determination to the table.

Sharon Ray / Newport Heights


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