Letter to the Editor: Lauren Kleiman is a Strong Independent Voice

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I have genuinely enjoyed working with Lauren Kleiman as a fellow Newport Beach Planning Commissioner.

In addition to being welcoming and encouraging, she has been a great example to follow with her preparation for meetings, interactions with Staff, applicants, and residents.

She also has an impressive knowledge of the issues coming before us on the Commission.

I admire Laurens’s willingness to make her voice heard on the dais, even as the minority dissenting vote.

During her two terms on the Planning Commission, Lauren has been asked to represent us in every sub-committee created, including parking, council policy review, and ADU’s.  In her first month as Chair, she instituted a new training protocol for all Commissioners.  She has demonstrated exceptional leadership during her appointment and is why she had the unanimous support to be the first woman Chair of the Planning Commission in almost three decades.

I am certain she would be a strong independent voice on the Newport Beach City Council.

Mark Rosene / Newport Beach

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