Letter to the Editor: Newport Beach Needs Candidates That Will Work for Us

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Newport Beach City Council office is a non-partisan position. We need individuals who will work full time on Council and have the intentions of living in this City the rest of their lives.

The Council makes decisions about almost everything that goes on in Newport Beach. Residents vote in every Council District, and those elected work for the entire City.

We must elect candidates who will not use City Council as a stepping-stone to higher office; who are not funded by outside interests; or who are not backed by special or partisan politics.

We need individuals who will dedicate themselves to serving the residents, visitors, and businesses in Newport Beach. I am not anti-growth; I am pro smart-growth that will help keep Newport’s beauty intact, its infrastructure top-notch, and its assets the finest.

Tom Miller (District 1) is conservative and very energetic, a mature family man who put down roots in Newport Beach in the last decade. As a very honest, highly ethical, and successful retired businessman, he saw that Newport Beach residents need help in maintaining an effective local city government, not influenced from the outside.

His opponent is clearly young and ambitious, climbing the ladder while notching his belt with commitments. Tom Miller is primarily self-funding, and he has stepped up to the challenge to offer his full-time services.

Jim Mosher (District 3) is by far the most knowledgeable and thus qualified person of any current council member or candidate. He has attended every City Council and Planning Commission meeting as well as many other city meetings since 2009.

He is not afraid to speak up. He is brilliant, retired, and will spend 100 percent of his time working for the residents. He will not accept any donations and his campaign is word of mouth.

Jim’s opponent on Planning Commission had voted in favor of the 25-story Museum House project (which was defeated by popular referendum) and, more recently, voted in favor of the high-rise residences in Newport Center.

Jim will not waver and will make sure that the Council adheres to its guiding principles in keeping with the General Plan and the Zoning Code in order to maintain the quality of life that Newport Beach residents expect.

Joy Brenner (District 6, incumbent), who grew up here, has been a community leader and consensus builder for many years. She is committed to truth, ethics and transparency of government. She has been the most popular City Council Member to residents. It is time for her to be re-elected to a City Council that will keep the high standards for itself that Joy has tried to achieve.

Each of these candidates will work with residents to avoid bad decisions by Planning Commission and/or City Council. What these candidates have in common is that they will work full time and plan on living in Newport Beach for the rest of their lives.

They will work for us, the residents and voters.

Nicole Reynolds / Corona del Mar

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