Letter to the Editor: No Need for Misleading and Untrue Statements

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During this election season there has been a lot of talk about replacing Team Newport—a group of candidates who ran as a slate during the Newport Beach City Council election in 2014.

While some of those “team” members usually vote together, Diane Dixon studies the issues; she has held town hall meetings to confer with the residents and she votes independently. Please don’t lump her in with the other incumbents when placing your vote for city council. Vote for Diane Dixon.

Sadly, her opponent has been spreading lies about her. Mike Glenn’s flyer titled “The Truth about Diane Dixon” is full of untruths. If a candidate has merit, there is no need for misleading and untrue statements.

Two specific examples: Flip-flopping on the dock tax was hardly Dixon’s doing—and no property owner was “stripped of their dock held for decades.”

Regarding “General fund giveaways, diverting money to her friends in private business through a fund referred to as BVMA,” this is completely false. The BVMA is the Balboa Village Merchants Association. It, like the Newport Beach Film Festival and other city recognized non-profit organizations, applies for grants annually. If approved by the Council, grants are awarded. This practice has been in place for years, long before Dixon was elected.

It would be better for Mr. Glenn to focus on the positive attributes he would bring to the City Council—hopefully something more significant than creating a dog park.


Nancy J. Smith

Newport Beach

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