Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to Joy Brenner

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Recently I have become aware of your communication with the Newport Harbor Republican Women attempting to rationalize your history to liberal Democrat candidates and political action committees.

I am personally offended that you would compare partisan voting of good Americans to the World War II atrocities of Nazi Germany.

This is your quote: “History shows all too sadly that if someone blindly votes “party” lines, leaders can rise who have no moral compass. I think of the 1930s when “brown” was the color in a country that suffered a terrible fate because of party “color” blinded voters…”

I call on you to withdraw from the race for Newport Beach City council. You have embarrassed yourself, Newport Beach, and America’s two-party system.

A candidate that is so quick to compare partisan voting to one of the darkest chapters in history has no business in elected office.


Shawn Steel

National Committeeman

California Republican Party

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