Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Koll Center

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An artist’s rendering of the Shopoff Group’s proposed development, Koll Center Residences, at Birch Street and Von Karman Avenue in Newport Beach.
— Photo courtesy the Shopoff Group

‘I am opposed to the Koll Center Towers development for several reasons. It is incompatible with the surrounding area. It will increase traffic. Already on a Wednesday afternoon in January, I sat through two signal changes. Imagine what it will be like on a Saturday in July. We can’t widen most of our streets. Prevention is easier than a cure.

At some point this City is going to have to stop relying on building fees and learn to budget without them. We are almost built out, so the obvious way to go is up. I do not want to live in a metropolitan area surrounded by skyscrapers. I believe the majority of citizens of Newport Beach feel the same way. The overwhelming support for the Museum Tower petition is evidence of that. I had people running down the street after me to sign that petition opposing the Museum House.

Laguna Beach is a beach city too and they are managing to run their city without skyscrapers. There is no reason why Newport can’t do the same. The time to stop the trend is NOW.

Elaine Linhoff
Newport Beach

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