Letter to the Editor: Political Philosophy Matters in Local Government

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As the public learns more about candidate Clyda “Joy” Brenner’s donations to Democrat candidates, I feel the need to remind voters that political philosophy matters in local government.

In an attempt to rationalize her 43 donations to Democrats over the past two years,  Brenner responded to the Newport Harbor Republican Women’s criticism with “There are levels of government where the color you wear (Red or Blue) may have in impact.  It’s simply not true at the local level.”

Brenner continues rationalizing by comparing the Republican voters with Nazi brownshirts;

“History shows all too sadly that if someone blindly votes “party” lines leaders can rise who have no moral compass. I think of the 1930’s when “brown” was the color in a country that suffered a terrible fate because of party “color” blinded voters …”

It is simply stunning that someone can become so ideologically extreme that they would equate any mainstream party with Nazi brownshirts simply because they don’t comport with all of their loopy extremist positions.

Brenner is not a mainstream Republican or Democrat. She is a leftist nut that absolutely does not fit Newport Beach. As our Country becomes more polarized it is people like Brenner that are part of the problem, not the solution.

I am the past Chairman of the California Republican Party and assert that Democrats govern by a different set of principals than Republicans.

For example, federal law controls immigration but California’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed Senate Bill 54 creating “sanctuary cities” prohibiting local law enforcement from investigating illegal immigrants.

In April, Newport Beach joined dozens of cities in filing an amicus brief in opposition to S.B 54.

Brenner opposed the city’s involvement in opposing sanctuary cities, saying it “is a divisive discussion over which we have no actual control. It’s just ‘playing politics’ when we have much more important issues on which to spend our time and energy.”

Earth to Joy. Philosophy matters.

I want Newport governed by people with the philosophy that local government is where Republican principals are implemented. Based upon your donations to Democrats, support of sanctuary cities, and comparing Republicans with Nazis, I suggest you run for Santa Monica city council.


Michael J. Schroeder

Newport Beach Resident

Past Chairman, California Republican Party

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