Letter to the Editor: Politics Aside We Are Voting for Joe Stapleton

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We’re so much alike, we joke that we’re sisters from another mother. It’s almost comical how much we’re alike. Though we’re not politically aligned, we put our friendship above politics. We’ve voted differently from the White House to Measure B, but on this one, we’re voting exactly the same, and it’s for Joe Stapleton.

Why would two political opposites agree on a vote for a City Council seat? For us, it’s pretty obvious. Joe has spent years serving the City of Newport Beach and its citizens.  He’s respected for his integrity, intellect, and work ethic.  He cherishes our city and wants to preserve what makes it so special.  We know Joe personally and we know what kind of man he is.

Some who spoke so loudly about not wanting to give anyone the ability to buy their way onto the City Council to be Mayor are now backing a relative newcomer who is doing just that. We have no animosity towards Joe’s opponent, but he has no track record in our community of civic leadership, years of building relationships in our community, and a demonstration that one is the type of individual that can lead our City.

One’s moral compass weighs in on both of us as we evaluate these non-partisan races.  To refresh: one’s moral compass is the ability to determine what is right and wrong and to act accordingly.

The best example of this is the falsehood claiming that Joe was “not being honest” with the OC Republican Central Committee when he responded to the question “Have you ever been arrested?

“He stated “No.” In fact he had not been “arrested,” but had been “cited” – two distinct and separate things. Here’s what happened…Joe was cited for driving his intoxicated friends home while in college from a night of partying. One of the friends had an open container and Joe was cited for it…that is NOT an arrest.

Newport needs more of what Joe did – to know when to take action to ensure the safety of others. We all know of far too many instances in Newport Beach or of Newport Beach residents who have not had the care of friends like Joe, to ensure they made it home safe and sound.

We applaud Joe for doing the right thing ethically and morally …that’s a good friend and a good person, and that’s what Newport Beach needs more of now and always.

So here we are, two good friends…one red, one blue, but both Newport. We both love Newport and we’re both voting for Joe Stapleton for City Council.

Suzanne Gauntlett & Ruth Sanchez Kobayashi / Newport Beach

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