Letter to the Editor: The Real ‘Cost’ and Cause Behind Homelessness

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*Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to the Oct. 18 article, Committee Considers ‘Cost of Homelessness’*

A homeless person sleeps on the ground near Council Chambers at the Newport Beach Civic Center.
— Photo by Sara Hall ©

I appreciate your attempts at editorializing and disseminating this problem.

Though the reality of the situation, which the justice system appears to be finally getting the idea of, is that the majority of the homelessness is caused by the city’s and county’s unfair actions against the people that eventually become homeless, in their unbending what amounts to purloining of the individuals funds and property for the municipalities own corrupted benefits!

What would really be helpful is for them to lend a helping hand instead of just having their hands out for unreasonable fees, taxes, and such, including supporting the politically influential whom are prejudice against those who just can’t afford to pay or fight the inequities of it. For it is virtually free for the cities and counties to file actions against the hapless, but extremely expensive for individuals to fight these inequalities to protect themselves in the court. I know this for a fact! I am experiencing just that and spending my life savings to protect my civil and constitutional rights, that we are supposedly given, fighting the unjust machinations of the city’s harbor department to keep from becoming homeless myself!

Don’t you think it would be far cheaper to prevent the Homelessness of the majority in the first place?

Captain John
Newport Beach

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