Letter to the Editor: Time to Give Voters Freedom to Choose Their Mayor

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Measure B sure has brought out some interesting opposing arguments, often based in falsehoods and fear. Fear and name-calling don’t move the needle for me, and I hope they don’t for you.

A recent rebuttal to the No campaign, written by John O’Hara, reflects the thinking that sealed my commitment to the Elect Our Mayor Campaign:

  • The power to select our Mayor should belong with the voters.
  • Term limits, as written in Measure B, are sound and actually better than what we currently have for the City Council in general.
  • ‘What if”…are we to let “what if” determine how we lead our city?

Fear is often used as a persuasion technique, particularly in elections. That certainly is the case with the “No Elected Mayor in Newport Beach” Campaign. In fact, the campaign’s website says exactly that.

As someone who holds sacred the people’s right to vote for their leaders, that statement alone is enough to reject this fear-based campaign that seeks to limit the power of the voter. No and Elected in the same sentence is baffling.

A recent No on B mailer was filled with inflammatory language like “deceptive and dangerous,” “Pro-Trump Republicans” and “special interest power grab.”

Those words were used to demonize those of us who support Measure B. Those words also demonstrate a lack of respect for neighbors who support Measure B and the importance of the power resting with the voters.

“Special Interest Power Grab?” Yes, your interests and mine are special, and the power should rest with us.

It’s time for Newport Beach to have Mayors that go beyond the ceremonial, and it’s time to give the voters the freedom to choose their Mayor.

Ruth Kobayashi / Newport Beach

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