Letter to the Editor: Voting Twice for our Harbor

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Prior to his election to city council, Mayor Pro Tem Brad Avery served five years on the city’s Harbor Commission. He has been active around our harbor for decades. He knows the water, the residents, the boaters, and the business owners. He knows the Harbor’s ebbs and flows.

And he knows the direction we need to take for protecting and modernizing our Harbor.

Brad helped lead the City’s effort to take back the management of the harbor’s more than 1,000 moorings. Alongside Duffy Duffield, he helped lead the effort to create our own Harbor Department. He was also involved with the effort to update Title 17, which is our municipal code’s “rules of the road” for Harbor management.

The language of Title 17 was outdated and needed a major revision to meet today’s harbor needs. This revision was performed largely by our Harbor Commission which is a group of citizen volunteers dedicated to protecting and maintaining our beautiful harbor.

Brad is the only candidate in his council race to support the language of Measure Z, which is on your ballot. Measure Z was created to safeguard the Harbor Commission under our City’s charter. This will prevent future threats to Newport Harbor from political maneuvering.

Brad knows that a commission of engaged local citizens can best keep Newport’s crown jewel sparkling for generations to come.

I’m voting to re-elect Brad Avery. I’m also voting for title 17. I hope you will too.

Seymour Beek (former Harbor Commissioner) / Balboa Island

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