Letter to the Editor: Why Does Outside Money Support Measure B?

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According to campaign records kept by the Newport Beach City Clerk, as of April 1, 43 percent of donations to the “Yes” side of Measure B (June Directed Elected Mayor ballot measure) come from people listed as residing outside our City, and in some cases, even from outside our State!

If a $5,000 loan from Councilman Will O’Neil is included, 49 percent of all “Yes” donations come from either the Councilman or from out of town donors.

In contrast, donations to the “No” side show only one donor from outside of Newport Beach, and that person was an involved resident of Newport Beach for many years.

It begs the question: why does so much money from donors living outside our City want to see Newport Beach have a directly elected Mayor? What do outside special interests have to gain if Measure B passes?

Newport Beach does not need its elections decided by money from people who live outside the community. If Measure B passes, this is just a preview of what is to come in the future.

Stop the power grab and vote “No” on Measure B in the June primary election.

Homer Bludau / Former Newport Beach City Manager

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