Letter to the Editor: Yes on B

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My name is Henry Park, the name that was recently used without my permission on a hit piece mailer sent by the No On B campaign.

They lied about me and claimed that my donation to help elect our Mayor was “outside money.”

Far from it, my wife and I have been raising our family here in Newport Beach for a long time.

Why would they lie about me? Why would they specifically name me and claim that I’m an outsider?

I donated to the Elect Our Mayor initiative because it’s the right policy for our city going forward. The Mayor should be elected by us and accountable to us. Policy should be made solely by the people accountable to us, not by people farther from us. If you agree, then vote yes on B.

I also donated because I wanted to see the truth go out to voters. The lies in mail coming from the No crowd claimed that the initiative created an unaccountable “king” and would require hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra spending every year.

None of that is true.

I didn’t expect the No campaign to turn around and lie about me. But they did and that’s dirty.

It’s the current system, with these current behind-the-scenes politicos, that we need to move beyond. I’m exhibit A of the effect of their rot.

Stop the backroom deals. Stop the pettiness. Shine light and require the Mayor to campaign in the open to us.

I urge everyone to take my cautionary story and vote Yes On B.

Henry Park / Newport Beach

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