Liberal Logic?

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Everybody seems to pass “Liberal Logic” around on the web. Since it is on the web, it must be true. These are my own local versions.

 Redevelopment Agencies

The City Council does not (very wisely I might add) have any redevelopment agency in the city. Therefore the city was not taking property from private citizens via eminent domain and giving it to a preferred developer. The council even put the eminent domain non questionable use on the ballot to make sure that future councils wouldn’t abuse the power it didn’t have.

Now, though, they are proposing giving the property that the existing city hall is on to a preferred developer. So a previous city council used eminent domain to take the property where old city hall is located. Now the city is holding a beauty contest amongst a handful of developers to see who becomes the preferred developer with the city. Now the fact that 50 or so years has intervened between the original taking and the transfer to a preferred developer doe’s change the fact that the city is doing the same thing that it has outlawed by city charter. Logic took a nap or liberalism crept in.

 Fire Pits and the AQMD

Newport Beach tries to ban fire pits because smoke is bad. As a result the AQMD thinks that this is such a great idea that they think we should ban them anywhere at any time. Hey, if it good for a little, it must be good for a lot. Another logic nap if you ask me. Reminds me of the Reagan quote: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

 Boston Bombers

Speaking of subsidizing it, the Boston bombers appear to have gotten well over $100k in welfare payments so that they didn’t have to work. I guess that means that they can go to bomb school during their free time that we paid them for unemployment.

So these wackos allegedly put on their Jihad to kill and maim Americans. Bombs of course are illegal and liberals are surprised that they didn’t follow the wall. Then horror of horrors they found out that they owned guns and they weren’t even registered. So let me get this straight–they owned “unregistered” guns and the solution is more laws, probably because they obeyed existing ones so well. One of the reasons I included “bat control” last column.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies. He was only following state senator Barack Obama’s admonition that the mother’s original intent is what is important in the case of an abortion and therefore voted against protections of babies born alive during an abortion. Should have used the twinkie defense. Planned Parenthood is denouncing the brutal murders… oops, maybe they are denouncing the deplorable conditions in the clinic… oops. Well I guess the optimist that I am….

Maybe Obama has the right defense.  Have the FDA promoting the change in the law that allows a 15 year old girl to walk into a pharmacy and get the morning after pill. Now if you were on the CDM or Newport Harbor campus and wanted to have a Tylenol, you could not have one without the nurse supervising it or you would get suspended for drug use. But Planned Parenthood is advocating the morning after pill for 15 year olds.

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  1. Fire pit nonsense, City Mahal, $1,000,000 worth of art is missing from Newport Beach, while over $71,000 a year was being paid for a lady to keep track of the art. Oh, and they want to give all the high paid Newport Beach executives hefty pay raises. Seems $150,000 or $180,000 isn’t enough for those poor underpaid gummint employees.
    No wonder Texas is growing from native born immigrants.
    “Liberal logic” is an oxymoron.

  2. Things have sure changed since I was on unemployment benefits. I was living in Humboldt County which had an unemployment rate of something like 38% at the time, in the early 1970s. The Unemployment Department would find job possibilities that fit your profile and require you to go for job interviews. Which I thought was great, because I got a great job as a Teaching Assistant of Microbiology at Humboldt State. Oh, and the only bombs I assembled were my really painfully bad puns back then.

  3. Thanks for summing up the last few weeks of liberalism in America, the failed adventure on the way to hell.

    We truly have no moral compass and we humans believe we are so smart we can legislate or regulate everything from people, goods, to the cosmos, all to make this a liberal utopia. Lets see, Russia and other governments failed at what America is now trying. We’re ‘mercians, we can do it better!

  4. Look, I’m a liberal. A die hard one at times. But I see reason in your party. I don’t bully your numerous mistakes and flaws and outright stupidity when it comes to the economy, woman’s rights, civil right’s, immigration, gun control, gay rights, and treating people fairly in general. I am only 15. I have a lot to learn. Our unemployment benefits are flawed.They need to be more closely regulated so that the help goes to people who need it. But we cannot just abandon our poor and helpless because some people abuse the system. We need to change the system, not eliminate it. But gun control is something needed. Making an argument that the people already not obeying the little laws we have are not going to obey the laws and regulations we create are invalid and lazy arguments. I have heard liberals go about saying things that I agree with in such distasteful manners as you, and have disliked them for it. Instead of bashing us, maybe you could come up with some alternatives. Instead of bashing you, I am tastefully telling you that I think you’re opinions are ignorant and very Newport Beach. I live in Newport Beach, and I’ve learned to stop talking politics with my conservative, fox news watching friends. I’m outnumbered, and no amount of reasoning can battle the brainwashed minds of the young, rich, Republicans.
    In the mean time, find a better way of entertaining yourself and your conservative followers. Liberals read this newspaper too,