It’s a Mad Mad World

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Supreme Nonsense

A number of recent Supreme Court decisions have boggled the minds of even those who sit on opposite sides of the aisle. Many of our judges seem to be out of touch with reality. Maybe the three branches of government need an infusion of persons who are not lawyers. Why not make a law that one or two non-lawyer, “Wise Men or Wise Women,” be appointed or elected to state and federal supreme courts. In times past in other countries, villages and towns, their council of Wiseman often made decisions that were far more just and reasonable than we get now. By the way there is no law that says only attorneys may sit on the Supreme Court. We need more wisdom and fewer technicalities.

Rapists Forever

It seems that every day on the nightly news comes word that another incarcerated sex offender, rapist, pervert or child molester is set free to prey upon the public. There is no good reason that criminals with dozens (or more) of sexual offenses be set free in the first place. Take note that those set free create a panic situation in the neighborhood. Also note that these repeat offenders are rarely set free in the judge’s neighborhood. How about another new law that requires sex offenders to be released into an area where the judge, his wife and children live, play or go to school. Judges should bear some responsibility for the rapes and deaths their sickening decisions make.

Do It To Me One More Time

My first granddaughter, Brooke (age five), often comes out with hilarious comments that I have referred to in columns as “Brookisms.” On the last day of kindergarten this year Brooke went up to her teacher and said, “May I come back to your room again next year? I’ve had so much fun.”

Understanding 4sq

Recently my son, Jeffrey, was to be COO of 4sq. His wife, Amy, came up with an amusing one-liner. “The hardest part of this new job will be trying to explain to your dad what this company is and does.” To which I add, “Do we really need all this communication? How much “TMI” is enough?”


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