Mooring, Water Taxi Projects Move Forward

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The Harbor Commission voted Wednesday to move forward with several projects, including the Multiple Vessel Mooring System and Water Taxi.

Both Ad Hoc Committees presented updates about the proposed pilot projects to the commission and both were unanimously approved to be forwarded to the City Council for review. Commissioner Paul Bank recused himself from the multiple vessel mooring item because he is a mooring permit holder.

Commissioner Brad Avery spoke about the proposed pilot Multiple Vessel Mooring System.

The update included using several different mooring systems. It’s a pilot program, not something set in stone for the future, Avery said, there are no fees involved.

The pilot project would test the idea with six docks.

Commissioner Doug West provided an update of the Water Taxi Ad Hoc Committee’s progress.

West emphasized that it should be a taxi and not a sightseeing boat that would compete with local businesses.

Both will likely go before council in June.

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  1. I do not know of any local boaters who wanted this taxi service to get pushed through and I certainly don’t know of any tax payers who wish to fund the under-estimated improvements necessary to get this service implemented. This is an underhanded way to provide for tourists on anchored cruise ships to have access to the peninsula. Seriously, do we want hundreds of thousands of extra bodies on the peninsula? Have you been in Avalon when a cruise ships empties bodies onto the island? ExplorOcean is pushing for this service so that they can have more tourists come to see their attraction because the residents are not interested. Please do not support or fund the taxi service!

    By the way, where did our beloved nautical history go? It is in the basement of Sherman Gardens! Newport is the only city I know of that doesn’t care for its rich history, photos and artifacts. It is disappointing and very sad.

    • Agreed ….. sooner than later the museum will need a cash infusion – It wont be long according to what I hear from the locals.

      $450,000 times three for water taxis – and the ones in Long Beach run empty – 4 – 6 people per boat when I was there last week. Hard to fathom the workings of the city fathers at times – way trendy for this old mariner lately – Aloha