More Random Observations

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– California has spent $4 billion since 1978 in a futile effort to execute almost 700 death row inmates. Current hang-up is over the method of execution, lethal injection.

– The killing spree of Chris Dorner suggests capital punishment isn’t much of a deterrent in the first place.

– So after Dorner’s suicide, it seemed doubly absurd that the OC District Attorney announced they’d planned to seek the death penalty for the already dead murderer. Still, they may be on to something.

– Perhaps if we replace lethal injection with suicide as California’s preferred means of capital punishment, the courts will open the floodgate on death row.

– Saw that the City Council is thinking about spending millions to raise local seawalls. Guess they’re no longer in denial on global warming. Hope it’s not too late.

– A favorite tactic of GOP Speaker John Boehner to shift blame for Congress’ inability to do anything is to repeatedly ask “Where’s the President’s plan?” Yet, when it leaked that the White House was preparing its own immigration plan, the GOP was quick to crucify it. Seems they want to own a pro-Hispanic issue.

– The reason immigration reform is a sure thing this year is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to be president.

– Rubio’s opponent in 2016 will be Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). You heard it here first.

– Kudos to the Von’s on San Joaquin Hills Road for hiring friendly, hard-working, handicapped employees who help make your day.

– Moved to Newport in Vin Scully’s 34th season as announcer for the Dodgers. Yawn. Boring then. Boring now. Time to replace him with the Wonder Dog, Rex Hudler.

– California may be the only major oil producing state without an oil severance tax.

– Texas Gov. Rick Perry was here recently to woo California businesses to Texas where his state pays for stuff with a severance tax instead of an income tax.

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