NB Film Fest: ‘Schemers’ and the Unpredictability of the Music Industry

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By Ian Simmons | Special to the NB Indy

The music and entertainment industries are often looked upon skeptically for their unforgiving nature for anyone looking to create a career in them.

“Schemers,” made in the UK and directed by Dave McLean, depicts a prime example of this.

Based on a true event, “Schemers” tells the story of a randomly-formed trio of Davie, Scot, and John, who are looking to earn a quick buck in the music promotions business. While this endeavor started as a mere attempt for Davie, who narrates the film, to have a shot at Shona, whom he fancies, the three gentlemen quickly and unsurprisingly get in way over their heads, and end up twisted in the vicious and unpredictable music industry.

This film is funny, charming, hopeful, messy, chaotic, honest, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Beyond the story itself, Davie, Scot, and John were all fun to follow and understand. All three are relatable, self-centered and uncertain, but with a mutual understanding that they have each others’ backs, and that they’re in this mess together.

Never mind the fact that this story is a reminder of how foolish and reckless we can be to have a shot at the one we want to be with. This story is one of failure, success, determination, defeat, and everything in between, and all aspects are wonderfully sequenced and portrayed.

All in all, “Schemers” is a wonderful film with a lot of heart and charm. While it has some rough edges and pacing issues here and there, it tells its story well with characters that are enjoyable to follow and a plot that is engaging to wrap your head around.

Although they do not turn out to be the stars or celebrities that we may automatically associate with the music industry, following the trio’s journey offers a wonderful look into the struggle of making it in this industry from an entirely different perspective.

“Schemers” is part of the 2020 Newport Beach Film Festival, which has gone virtual this year and runs through October 11. For information on viewing this film and other films in the festival, visit www.NewportBeachFilmFest.com.  

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