Letter to the Editor: A Proactive Force for Newport Heights

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I am writing to tell you about an extraordinary woman who is running for City Council: Nancy Scarbrough.

Nancy has been a proactive force in our Newport Heights community for over fifteen years. The Scarbrough children attended our three Newport Heights schools.

Nancy has been actively involved in everything that is going on in her community, from SPON to Banning Ranch to the Homeless Task Force.

In fact, there is scarcely an issue in our city government and in the Newport Heights area that she has not been aware of, and often involved in. She has participated in the Newport Heights Improvement Association and the Protect Mariners Mile Coalition.

She is very interested in the General Aviation Improvement Program so she attends Board of Supervisors and Airport Commission meetings. Further, she attends City Council meetings and Councilors’ Town Hall meetings.

In contrast to her opponent, she is not beholden to developers and will be an independent thinker looking out exclusively for the resident’s best interests.

Jeanne Fobes / Newport Beach

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