Newport Beach City Manager Update: Water Conservation, Active Shooter Training

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Grace Leung

By Grace Leung, Newport Beach City Manager

To address California’s historic statewide drought, the state recently enacted several new water conservation requirements for residents, businesses and homeowners’ associations. In addition, cities throughout California, including Newport Beach, are being required to take additional steps to save water.

In the coming weeks, the City Council will consider adopting new drought requirements for our residents and businesses as mandated by the governor’s statewide emergency regulation for urban water conservation.

In the meantime, we are asking our residents to reduce water waste and overwatering, especially outdoors. More than 60% of an average household’s water use happens outdoors – and more than one-third of outdoor water is wasted through overwatering and excessive runoff. Please check your property for overwatering and leaks, and adjust your outdoor watering times and schedules.

As a reminder, some water conservation actions are permanently mandated in the Newport Beach municipal code, including:

  • No excessive runoff;
  • No washing down of driveways and sidewalks;
  • No landscape watering between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.;
  • Leaks must be fixed within 3 days.

We are committed to timely communication with our Newport Beach community on this topic, and we will keep you updated on the City and state drought response through this newsletter. Please visit the City’s water quality and conservation webpage,, for resources and information, or call our Utilities Department at (949) 644-3011.

To conserve and meet the state’s drought mandates, we must all work together to use water wisely.

Police to Conduct Active Shooter Response Training at CdM High School

Next week the Newport Beach Police Department will be conducting active shooter response training at Corona del Mar High School.

Officers will participate in several active shooter scenarios involving role players and simulated weapons. The objective of the training is to increase the effectiveness and coordination of a police response to such an event by putting officers through practical exercises in a realistic environment.

The training represents just one part of NBPD’s ongoing efforts to prepare our officers for any emergency situation they may encounter.

The training was planned and scheduled several months ago to coincide with the start of summer break, when there will be limited activity on the campus. However, in light of recent mass shooting events, including the tragic loss of life in Uvalde, Texas, the City recognizes concerns about the possibility of such an incident happening locally and the ability of law enforcement to respond effectively.

Students, parents, teachers, school staff and other members of the public should know that the NBPD stands ready to protect our community.

During this training, on June 13 and 14, CdM High School will be closed to the public; only authorized individuals will be allowed on the campus.

California Coastal Commission Approves Newport Bay Trash Interceptor Project

On Thursday, June 9, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved a proposal from the City of Newport Beach to install a floating trash collection system on the banks of San Diego Creek, which will help prevent thousands of tons of trash every year from entering the upper Newport Bay and ocean.

The trash interceptor, modeled after Baltimore Harbor’s trash wheel, will be the first of its kind on the West Coast. The system utilizes booms, a water wheel and conveyor belt to collect trash from the river and deposit it into containers on the river bank for disposal. The trash interceptor is sustainably powered by solar panels and the movement of river water.

The trash interceptor will be located in the San Diego Creek, on the north bank, between the Jamboree Road Bridge and MacArthur Boulevard Bridge.

The City was awarded a $2.2 million grant from the Ocean Protection Council and Orange County Transit Authority (Measure M) to fund permitting, engineering and building.

Following the Coastal Commission’s approval, the City will now seek additional regulatory approvals, with a goal of breaking ground in January 2023.

City Finishes Repair Work on Bridges

The City recently completed a project to address maintenance at seven Newport Beach bridges.

Construction crews repaired over 300 square feet of concrete spalls and sealed over 1,000 feet of cracks in bridge columns. In addition, the waterline and sidewalk serving Newport Island was replaced and drainage improvements were made under the Jamboree Road Bridge.

The periodic replacement of failed surface concrete and sealing of cracks prevents the intrusion of seawater and costlier, more extensive repairs.

Ocean Pier Inspection, Maintenance Completed

Biennial inspection and maintenance of the Newport and Balboa piers has been completed.

The construction included repairs to damaged and degraded piles and replacing metal bolts and straps that had corroded in the harsh marine environment. In total the job replaced over 30 metal pile straps and 300 bolts, repaired numerous piles above and below the waterline, replaced four broken piles, and replaced more than 1,000 feet of deteriorated lumber.

Be Well Mobile Crisis Response Update

The Be Well mobile crisis response team is now operating in Newport Beach 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to mental and behavioral health crises. The mobile unit is staffed with mental health specialists and EMTs, and works closely with the City’s police and fire departments.

This week the Be Well team:

  • Transported one person to the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter for intake.
  • Transported a person to the sobering station at the Be Well campus.
  • Transported five people to services and shelters.
  • Conducted 24 outreach interactions with residents and people experiencing homelessness.

Homelessness Update

The City of Newport Beach provides a comprehensive response to address homelessness through a coordinated effort by City staff, contractors, partner agencies and nonprofit groups.

This week the City’s homeless outreach and response teams:

  • Secured permanent housing for two people staying in the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter. One person had experienced homelessness for five years and the other person for one year.
  • Continue to shelter people: 15 people who had been experiencing homelessness in Newport Beach are now sheltered in the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter.
  • Enrolled two people into services and completed housing assessments.
  • Completed housing paperwork for a client matched to a housing voucher.
  • Submitted a rental application for a shelter guest who secured an apartment.

To donate to those experiencing homelessness in Newport Beach, please visit our Good Giving Program web page at

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