Newport Beach & Co Unveils New Balboa Island Brand Identity

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What do you do when you’re about to reach the ripe old age of 100? You get a makeover, of course.

At least that’s what Balboa Island is doing.

Founded in 1906, the island was incorporated into the city of Newport Beach in 1916. Community celebrations are planned to mark the occasion, but the town’s website and branding has already been refreshed and revised thanks to the efforts of Newport Beach and Co., which added Balboa Island Marketing, Inc. to its Enterprise Newport Beach business unit last year.

Balboa Island logo — Courtesy Newport Beach & Co
Balboa Island logo
— Courtesy Newport Beach & Co

According to Newport Beach and Co., the new logo pays homage to the iconic Balboa Island bridge, which serves as the gateway to the island’s historic Marine Avenue, and it’s reminiscent of the famous cottage plates that can be found in shops on the island.

Newport Beach & Co. also launched a new website for Balboa Island: It’s more modern and user friendly than previous Balboa Island websites, and includes a directory of shops and restaurants, plus things to do and a list of events. It also has a well-researched history of Balboa Island along with several photos dating back to the early 1900s.

“Last year, Newport Beach & Company became official partners with Balboa Island Marketing, Inc., with a shared goal to create consistent Newport Beach brand messaging across our distinctive neighborhoods while promoting the qualities that make each of them one of a kind,” said Gary Sherwin, president & CEO of Newport Beach & Company.  

“Balboa Island is a tight-knit community with a rich history, and we now have an official brand identity and website that helps tell our unique story thanks in great part to our new partnership with Newport Beach & Company,” said Alex Robinson, president of the island’s merchant association, Balboa Island Marketing, Inc.

Newport Beach & Company is also providing marketing guidance to the Balboa Island Centennial Celebration Committee.

Balboa Island Marketing, Inc. joins the Balboa Village Merchants Association in partnering with Enterprise Newport Beach. The Balboa Village partnership was the first economic development entity to join the newly formed Newport Beach & Company in 2013.

“Newport Beach & Company has added a level of expertise and professionalism to all of our marketing and branding initiatives,” said Marcel Ford, president of Balboa Village Merchants Association. “Their team is working with our association now on a new three-year strategic plan, and we appreciate their support, passion and spirit for the merchants, history and residents of Balboa Village.”

“There is no other destination marketing organization like Newport Beach & Company in our entire industry,” noted Sherwin. “We’ve created one organization that singularly markets and promotes our businesses, residents, attractions, beaches, restaurants and hotels under one common brand.”

Founded in January 2013, Newport Beach & Co. is a non-profit organization established to serve as the official marketing agency for the city of Newport Beach. The agency brings together all of the marketing entities connected to the Newport Beach brand, and is designed to oversee separate business units that include Visit Newport Beach, Dine Newport Beach, Celebrate Newport Beach, Enterprise Newport Beach and Newport Beach TV.

Newport Beach & Co. also includes the Newport Beach Foundation, which is focused on creative charitable endeavors that support the business community.

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Boats docked at Balboa Island. — NB Indy file photo ©
Boats docked at Balboa Island.
— NB Indy file photo ©
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  1. I think they are spending a lot of money in the wrong places… is ranked #1 on google and gets about 20,000 organic visitors per month. will never out-perform this domain. charges nothing to promote merchants and wants to help the community as well. Why pay a fortune for advertising when you can have it for free?