Newport Beach Tests Outdoor Warning Notification System April 3

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The City of Newport Beach will be testing the new Outdoor Warning Notification System on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 12 p.m.

The speaker systems located at West Jetty View Park, Marina Park and West Newport Park will be regularly tested each month on the first Friday at noon.

During the April test, the system will be exercised at a full strength decibel level. If you are in the coverage area (as outlined in the map below), you will hear the speaker systems during the test.

The new Outdoor Warning Notification System is an upgraded version of the Newport Beach siren warning system, also known as the Tsunami warning sirens. The system now allows voice commands to give preliminary information and instructions.

The speaker notification system may be utilized for all hazards or disasters where immediate action from the public is necessary.

If you hear the speaker notification system, and it’s NOT the first Friday of the month, turn on your television to channel 3 and radio to 107.9 KWVE for further instructions and information.

If you have any non-emergency questions during the test, please contact the Newport Beach Police Department, Records Division at (949) 644-3662.

Outdoor Warning System map / courtesy of city of Newport Beach
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