Newport Resident Brings Handmade Argentinian Fashions to U.S. Market

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Jacqui Stephen, CEO and founder of Siembra Heritage / photo courtesy Siembra Heritage

Empowering artisans a world away in Argentina, Newport Beach based artisanal goods company, Siembra Heritage, is cultivating and connecting cultures with a curated variety of ethically-sourced goods.

Siembra Heritage’s one-of-a-kind purses, totes, and accessories are made by hand in indigenous communities throughout Argentina. Siembra Heritage’s goal is to spread a positive message through the creation, production, and sale of its collections.

Currently, the brand is presenting its latest summer collections: Chaguar and Carandillo.

“Argentina is a country filled with talented, skilled artisans and the artistry in their hand work is slowly being lost. My goal is to create a platform that not only showcases their craft, but also encourages and supports them in becoming their own entrepreneurs,” said Newport Beach resident Jacqui Stephen, CEO and founder of Siembra Heritage. “This season’s Chaguar and Carandillo collections are so intricate and stunning—when you think about the skill, medium, and labor that goes into each custom item, it makes you appreciate the beauty of it even more.”

Handmade by an indigenous community of women in Formosa, Argentina, the Chaguar Collection includes purses, wristlets, clutches, backpacks, necklaces, and belts. Using natural dyes extracted from plants, roots, seeds, and fruits for color, the products from the Chaguar Collection are made from textured threads spun from the fibers of the Chaguar plant, the cousin to the Aloe Vera. The patterns on each individual item are associated with the animals found in the specific area of Formosa.

The Carandillo Collection uses a sustainable and durable basket-woven technique. Handmade from the Qom community in Gran Chaco, Argentina, each product uses the raw material of the Carandillo (a Palm-like tree) that is woven by hand using an ancestral technique handed down for generations. The Carandillo Collection handbags are an elevated, chic take on the basket-woven style with leather details and handles.

“In the end, by purchasing a product from Siembra Heritage, you are not only receiving a good that you would not otherwise discover in the U.S., but also you contribute to a cycle of empowerment and economic growth opportunities for these indigenous communities,” said Stephen, who founded Siembra Heritage in 2019.

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