Newport Resident Finds Her Whole Purpose

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Kelly Lam (center) at a Whole Purpose seminar

Anyone attending Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend may encounter Newport Beach resident Kelly Lam wandering the aisles, chatting with vendors or maybe demonstrating the latest juicer at a vendor booth.

Her presence makes sense, because Lam has a purpose.

Several years ago, Lam created The Whole Purpose, a company that builds customized, high-impact and integrative programs for individuals and corporations that provide a comprehensive approach to Mindful Wellness through a balanced lifestyle based on nutrition, physical well-being and purposeful communication.

According to Lam’s website, Mindful Wellness supports optimal well-being through nutrition, fitness and stress-reduction, resulting in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Lam’s passion and expertise combine to create a unique connection with her clients that stems from her own personal journey towards wellness, coupled with the desire to empower others—hence the monthly seminars and events open to the public and hosted by The Whole Purpose.

Lam said she has been attending Expo West for many years because there are so many health-conscious brands and people to meet. Just walking down the aisles results in constant networking.

“Most brands representing at the food show have adapted this wellness concept,” explained Lam. “I want to teach people how eating creates a body of well-being. We have all seen this health change over the past decade, focusing on eating healthier. You are what you eat. If you feed yourself well, you are gong to function better. That is mindful wellness. At the Expo, there are thousands of food brands. We cannot try everything. We like to work with organic brands that have a good system behind them, and have a good wellness program.”

Lam noted that healthy living is more prevalent than ever, especially in Newport Beach.

“Like gas stations on every corner, there are now spin cycles one very corner, but they all stay in business, so obviously there is a need,” said Lam. “Even every grocery store now has an organic section.”

Once Lam recovers from Natural Products Expo West, she will focus on the next Whole Purpose event, “Talks with Purpose,” that take place on Thursday, March 21 from 6 to 8 SCAPE gallery, 2859 East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar.

“This is my version of a TED Talk,” said Lam. “They are talks on what purpose is for. The owner of SCAPE did a talk for us last year on the Purpose of Creativity, so we partnered with them for this event. Each woman will talk about what their purpose is.”

“Talks with Purpose” is a movement of positivity, promoting people to find, express and even create their purpose.

This “Talks with Purpose” seminar features five dynamic women and topics:

·      Avalon Penrose, a musical story teller, with “The Purpose of Finding Purpose” 

·      Ruth Yunker, author, with “The Purpose of Aging”

·      Liz Jonas, owner and designer of Jonas and Muse, with “The Purpose of Giving”

·      Jennifer Friend, philanthropist and CEO with Project Hope Alliance with “The Purpose of Ending Homelessness

·      Maria Barnes, publisher of Blue Door Magazine, with “The Purpose of Change”

 Registration starts at 5:30 p.m. Cost to attend is $45. Visit


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