Biz Buzz: One if by Land, Two if by Sea

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The famous saying “One if by land, two if by sea” from the American Revolution also speaks to some of the ways that we here in Newport Beach may also chose to exercise our freedom.

One if by land in this case refers to fun ways to move around on land; the other is the option of going mobile on water.

This week, I look at both methods of transportation via Pedego and


I’ve written in the past about Pedego and their sleek electric bicycles. I rode one from my house near Back Bay to the peninsula in half the time and with 95 percent less effort than a normal bicycle.

Don DiCostanzo (right), CEO/co-founder, and Terry Sherry, CFO/co-founder, of Pedego Electric Bikes — NB Indy Photo ©
Don DiCostanzo (left), CEO/co-founder, and Terry Sherry, CFO/co-founder, of Pedego Electric Bikes
— NB Indy Photo ©

As a fellow Baby Boomer—and one that supports entrepreneurs—I dug into the history a bit since the company was founded by two Boomers, Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry.

When asked what inspired them to develop and manufacture their own bikes, it came down to just a few words: “Hills, headwinds and a lack of quality electric bikes!”

Developed as an option for his then-current Newport Beach bike shop, Zclipse, which sold electric bikes, Don’s idea of a new style of electric bike was later incubated on a cocktail napkin with friend Terry. Their first Pedego shop opened a few weeks later.

Considering this all took place on the heels of the economic downturn, they have done a terrific job of growing the company over the past several years—their electric bikes are sold in 40 countries and 800 different shops, including almost 60 with their branded name.

As impressive as their growth of exposure is their growth of products, which currently include five lines, two of which can take you off-road like a mini bike. Also on tap are three more including a more powerful off roader, a stretch bike for two or more, and the Boomerang with an extra low step for those Boomers that can’t hoist a leg anymore.

Innovation. Imagination. Success. Have to respect a company that can make all three work.

For more information, call (949) 336-8333 or visit

Pedego Bikes
Pedego Bikes

They say the two best days in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy their boat and the day they sell. In the case of, a renter can tap into a worldwide database and avoid both days.

Boats for rent via
Boats for rent via

You want to rent a sloop for the day here in town? No problem. Thinking about a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara and getting a boat up there? They have you covered. If you are thinking bigger (maybe the Greek Isles?), they cover the world in 98 different countries. launched last year, and much like the AirBNB concept (a database of rooms and homes worldwide that you can rent for a night or more), is an interesting method of renting a boat, either as an owner or as a renter.

The company’s services are 100 percent free, with no surcharge to rent on either side. They even have a phone app so you can rent at the last minute. The owners will make sure that you have enough sea experience but some are also available to skipper for you.

Get My Boat inventory includes dozens of boats of all sizes in Newport Harbor, from kayaks and electric boats to sailboats and larger powerboats. Photos and rates of these vessels can be found at

The company also offers an insurance program for both renters and owners; even if you don’t use their services but need insurance, it can be purchased by the day.

Whether by land or by sea, enjoy our wonderful weather and recreation options during these terrific days of autumn.

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