Peotter Gets Endorsement from OCGOP

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Scott Peotter — Indy file photo by Sara Hall ©
Scott Peotter
— Indy file photo by Sara Hall ©

According to a press release from Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter, the Orange County Republican Party has passed a resolution opposing the recall filed against him.

“The OCGOP stands firmly with Councilman Scott Peotter in opposition to the proposed recall. Scott has a right to his opinions and the First Amendment. We believe this recall is an attempt to overturn the 2014 elections that Scott won on a platform of reduced spending, debt reduction, and shrinking the size of Newport’s city government,” said Hon. Fred Whitaker, Chairman, Republican Party of Orange County, in the press release.

Peotter stated in his press release that the proposed recall could cost $500,000 for a special election, and that “recalls should be used for malfeasance, not policy disagreements or worse, fulfilling campaign promises.”

Other politicians listed in the press release as being opposed to the recall include Senator John Moorlach, Assemblyman Matthew Harper, Assemblyman Travis Allen, Assemblyman Dr. Steven Choi, and Supervisor Michelle Steel.

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  1. It is disheartening to know that the Central Committee is so out of touch with voters, in what is most likely one of the last bastions of Republicans in Orange County.

    Many people sent emails requesting this vote to be delayed until the recall effort was certified…did they listen to their Republican base? No, with little comment from them and none allowed from the public they voted, as you said Barbara, so much for “Free Speech”.

    It makes one wonder exactly how much money they receive from big donors who want to keep “Team Newport” in place and continue the plans to sell every last bit of Newport property to developers.

    Please, I urge everyone reading, if you haven’t already seen it, take a drive on Placentia between Superior and 19th St. on the border of Newport and Costa Mesa, look at what Costa Mesa is allowing to be built…is this what we want to see in Newport?
    How much longer does it take now for commuters to get to the 55 Freeway?.

    We need true City Planning in Newport and not selling us to the highest bidder is the first step.

    By the way, another Peotter exaggeration, no, it will not cost 500 K for a special election and isn’t it interesting that Mr. Peotter was completely fine with forcing the Museum House to a “Special election” but becomes an instant “Fiscal Conservative” When it comes to residents exercising their right to recall him?.