Peotter’s Picks on the Candidates

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What is there to vote on in Newport Beach – candidate-wise – this time?

The City Council races are uncontested. The council could have removed their names from the ballot and saved the city thousands, but what politician would voluntarily turn away taxpayer funded advertising?

Well there is the Newport Mesa School District – oh wait, since they didn’t have any challengers they are not on the ballot.  Both Irvine Ranch Water District (Newport Coast) and Coast Community College District also have no challengers and so are not on the ballot.

Now, we have to get that disclaimer info out of the way first. In case you are a Newport Beach City Councilman, I do NOT purport to provide independent analysis of these candidates. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am very opinionated. But most will also tell you that I always like to hear all sides before making up my mind. Be forewarned though, I come from a very freedom minded, small government, and conservative perspective.


Starting at the top, I have to say that if you are still undecided here, with all the information that is out there, well maybe you shouldn’t be voting. That being said, I will try to take a quick stab at summarizing these two candidates with a local story.  Both Obama and Romney came to Newport Beach for fundraisers. Almost sounds like the beginning of a joke. Both candidates required additional security from the Newport Beach Police Department for their visits. Both were billed for those extra services by the city of Newport Beach. Romney paid his bill, Obama did not.

Which do you want to lead our great nation? Remember, if you have to ask …

US Senate.

In one corner we have DiFi (Diane Feinstein-D), first elected to the senate in 1992, and in the other corner, newcomer and lightweight Elizabeth Emken (R). The Senate is up for grabs.  With Republicans likely to gain a majority, but not a filibuster proof majority, every seat is hotly contested. Although Emken is considered a long shot, which is a huge understatement, it brings up a good point.  Orange County has been instrumental in electing statewide representatives. Usually the margin of victory in the OC is the margin needed to overcome the rest of the state.  No Republican (think Wilson, Schwarzenegger) can win the state without a huge margin (more than 200,000) in the OC. VOTE EMKEN


The choice is between Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) and Ron Varasteh (D). Dana has become known as the “surfing” congressman. He has represented Huntington Beach and areas north. Due to redistricting he now will be representing Newport Beach. Maybe he can help us with those $200,000 lifeguards? VOTE ROHRABACHER

State Senate

Here it’s Sen. Mimi Walters ( R) vs. perennial candidate and attorney Steve Young (D).  Mimi is also a product of redistricting.  She represented Aliso Viejo and areas south before her new district took her to Laguna Beach and north including Newport Beach. She will be running for her second term. A longtime conservative and Republican, VOTE WALTERS

State Assembly

Assemblyman Allan Mansoor ( R) our incumbent vs. Bob Rush (D), a real estate agent from Newport Beach. This is where I remind my readers that I liked Allan so much, I went to work for him, so I continue my bias. This was a hotly contested race in June when a third candidate, Newport Councilmember Leslie Daigle ran, and more than $1 million was spent on her behalf, mostly by liberal Republican Charles Munger Jr., only to have Leslie finish a distant third. So rather than beat a dead horse … VOTE MANSOOR.

Costa Mesa Sanitary District 

Costa Mesa Sanitary District actually includes part of Newport Beach (the west Back Bay area).  We have two challengers against two incumbents. Don Harper and Jeff Mathews are challenging James Ferryman (first elected in 1988) and Art Perry (1992). The San Board has one of the highest trash contract costs and has not been competitively bid since before WW2. For that reason alone it is time for some new blood.  VOTE HARPER/MATTHEWS

South Orange County Community College District

This district includes part of Newport Coast and “the Bluffs.” There are three seats up for election, and there are actually challengers. In Area 1, it’s challenger attorney David Martin vs. incumbent Dave Lang. In Area 3, it’s Arlene Greer and Jennifer Long vs. incumbent William Jay, and in Area 7 there is an open seat and four candidates: Jan Cox, discredited and fired Public Guardian John Williams, Mike Moodian and Timothy Jemal. VOTE LANG, JAY and JEMAL.

Remember, if you are a liberal, election day is Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Further details can be had at

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  1. Nice jab at our president about ‘paying the bill’. I doubt it was anything he personally overlooked. You should be humble and graceful having our president in our town rather than pick up on such frivilous metaphors. Sounds like Romney ‘pandering’ to the Orange County – WEALTH – which you seem so quickly to praise.

    Thanks for your site,