Prickly Heat

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One Lucky Angel

 The luckiest and happiest former Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim has to be Alberto Callaspo. On the last Tuesday in July he was playing third base for the fourth place Angels. Later that day Callaspo was traded and now plays second base for the first place Oakland A’s in the same division. Now there’s a sports agent who earns his money.


Space Cadets


 In my last column, I commented on the Angels’ secret new solar farm system. As previously noted, offices will be on the moon. Current signals from space when deciphered suggest that the new team President and Vice-President respectively will be Mork and Mindy. The game will be called Space Ball and the team name will be the Los Angeles Angels of the Milky Way.


Do They Have A Pink Glow?


With movie-like precision, $150 million and perhaps more in jewels and diamonds were stolen Sunday, July 29, from the Carlton International Hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera. I’ll be out and about looking for Inspector Clouseau and/or Peter Sellers. Chances are the diamonds, when cut, will wind up in fashionable Newport Beach. History suggests they will have a light pink sparkle.


The Red Porcupine


 A few days ago in Newport, I observed a young man speeding and weaving while driving his new bright red 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera. At the next light, he checked for incoming messages on his smart-phone and then began to text a few messages of his own. Of course he wore expensive designer sunglasses. Even though many of us are aware that we live in Newport Beach, do we have to be such flamboyant and dangerous caricatures of ourselves? How about the rest of us showing a little restraint and modesty please!


Michael Arnold Glueck, Newport Beach, is an award–winning writer who writes locally and nationally on medical-legal issues.







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