Righting the Angels

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* A few last words (for a while) about my dying Angels. Here is my suggestion for baseball happiness. When you read the sports section go to the page where the American League baseball standings are published. Turn the page upside down and the Angels are now in first place.

* There is a mansion-like house being built on Highland (Westcliff area) by a relative of a movie theater icon. It occupies most of the surface area of the lot and has many levels plus a small dome. If and when a popcorn stand and other concessions appear on the front lawn the residents will become even more upset!

* A friend named Bob is part of the ROMEO (retired old men eating out) group at Kean Coffee. His love and obsession is cars. About six months ago Bob began looking for a new car and this has became a topic of daily discussion. He has talked with every Mercedes dealer, mechanic, salesman, marketing and PR person, and car owner that he could find in Newport Beach and Orange County. It became big news at Kean when he finally ordered a car to his specifications with a unique color combination. Every day we received a report as to the car’s current whereabouts. Sometimes if tired he would send hand signs such as “one if by land and two if by sea.” The last we heard from him was via a cell phone message that he had flown to Oakland that Friday morning to personally meet, greet and say a Sabbath prayer over the car! As a man becomes a super-senior his feathers need to get bigger and brighter!

* Jimmie V. is another member of the ROMEO group at Kean. After last week’s column he jokingly complained that he was not really retired, as he and a friend in Idaho are now your friendly garlic farmers. Well, it goes like this. Two years ago Jimmie rode his Harley to Idaho to visit a close friend and his wife. One night while walking in the fields it was of suggested they mow down a few acres and plant garlic. Not any type of garlic but “hard neck” garlic — the kind fine chefs desire. It has a long, hard stem in contrast to the garden-variety soft-neck garlic. Two years ago they planted 2 acres. Last year they replanted the crop and now they have 4 acres with plans for 25 more. Their garlic has a deep rich complex flavor and odor –- and sells for $20 per pound wholesale. So in two years Jimmie V. has gone from a Harley toting retired king to the nation’s newest gentleman garlic king. It just shows that mellow seasoned guys can still be productive. But I try not to sit too close to him after lunch.

* My 3-year-old granddaughter was doing something not allowed in the house. My son told her to stop and do something else. Allie replied, “This is not my choice.” Here’s hoping this column will become your weekly choice.

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