Ryan Akiba Sails Off to Sea

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Former Harbor View student Ryan Akiba is spending a semester cruising around the world and sharing his experiences with local students.

“So far the voyage really has been a dream,” Akiba said.

Ryan Akiba on the SAS ship.The Newport Beach Independent website will be following Akiba’s trip around the world.

He is participating in the Vicarious Voyage, Semester at Sea program for students who want to travel, explore, learn and do service work. Students earn a full semester’s credit while exploring up to 12 countries.

Akiba started in the Bahamas in mid-January and set sail for his first port destination, Roseau, Dominica. Dominca, he said, left him speechless.

Next on the itinerary was Manaus, Brazil, where Akiba slept in a hammock on the river.

Most recently, Akiba explored Takoradi, Ghana.

His journey will continue to Cape Town, South Africa; Port Louis, Mauritius; Chennai, India; Singapore; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hong Kong and Shanghai, China; Kobe and Yokohama, Japan; Hilo, Hawaii; and San Diego.


See his goodbye video here.

Learn more about Akiba’s voyage and the SAS program and follow the student and staff blog here.


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