Ryan Visits Vietnam

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Ryan Akiba and his Semester at Sea (SAS) shipmates learned about the Vietnam War from the people of Vietnam’s perspective and were somewhat shocked at what they found out.

“The war museum was one of the most shocking and disturbing yet humbling experiences throughout the course of my journey,” Akiba wrote in an email.

Learning how the lives of so many innocent people were so greatly altered because of the war was horrifying, he added.

“Witnessing the deplorable results of our actions firsthand invoked inevitable feelings of extreme remorse for me as well as my entire group of friends,” Akiba wrote.

He is participating in the Vicarious Voyage, Semester at Sea program for students who want to travel, explore, learn and do service work. Students earn a full semester’s credit.


See photos from his visit to Vietnam here.


Ryan Akiba on the SAS ship (near Dominica)
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