Save Free Speech in Newport Beach

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I became involved in city politics over a decade ago to stop the over-concentration of drug and alcohol rehab homes in West Newport and expose the corrupt politicians profiting from them, while our community suffered the impacts.

The deeper I dug, the more corruption I found at City Hall.

They hid documents, obfuscated the truth, and allowed our community to become ground-zero for some of the worst drug rehab over-concentration that California has ever seen. 

I discovered a former mayor and city councilman were involved. It was disgusting.

In 2014 a group of councilmembers was elected bringing transparency and sunlight to government. 

Councilman Scott Peotter is a leader in cleaning the mess up and protecting residents.

Scott and I often disagree on issues and he isn’t always politically correct, but he always fights for us.

Newport Beach city councilman Scott Peotter is shaking up our bloated and corrupt Newport Beach city government.

He was elected in 2014 on a platform of reduced spending, cutting regulations, and reining in our massive $500 million pension debt and Taj Mahal bond payments.

Scott is not afraid to speak his mind – calling out the excesses and corruption of the past decade.

His political opponents have targeted him for a recall because they want to return to the days of overspending on pet projects like the Taj Mahal, Marina Park, a proposed west side community center on Costa Mesa’s border, and give preferential treatment of those “politically connected” at the expense of the ordinary community member.

Let’s keep Free Speech Alive in Newport – Stop the Scott Peotter recall.

 Robert Rush, Chairman

Save Free Speech in Newport



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  1. Bob Rush has signed up to defend Scott Peotter. Bob says he and Scott “often disagree”. Exactly where does Bob disagree with Scott?

    1. Scott has said that Marina Park, the most significant public investment on the Peninsula In decades, is a waste of money. Do you agree Bob?

    2. Scott has said that West Newport residents don’t deserve and need a Community Center comparable to the one in Newport Coast? Is that your position Bob?

    3. Scott has said we should waive the height limits for developers on Lido. Do you agree Bob?

    4. Do you think Scott was right to require the petitions to stop the Museum House to weigh ten pounds and have 3700 unnecessary pages Bob?

    5. What about the Museum House itself. Do you share Scott’s high rise vision for Newport Beach Bob?

    6. Scott Peotter is a strong defender of the rights of bars and nightclubs like Woody’s Wharf to operate with outdoor music until the early morning. Is that your position Bob?

    7. Scott Peotter believes fire rings should be moved to be in front of homes where they never were before. Do you want one in front of your house Bob?

    8. The operating budget of the city is up $22 million since Peotter took office and pension debt is also up $20 million. Is that your definition of “reduced spending” Bob?.

    9. Do you agree with Peotter’s efforts to change the finance committee so your joint friend and convicted embezzler Jack Wu could be appointed Bob?

    10. As a former Democratic Assembly candidate, do you agree with Scott’s Tea Party extremism?