Shifty Conditions for 420s in Coronado

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By Megan Pluth | NB Indy

The annual 420 Perry Series came to a close with its fourth and last regatta hosted by Coronado Yacht Club.

Twenty-four sailors competed just off the Silver Strand in 420s, a double-handed boat with a trapeze and spinnaker, challenging in most every condition.

This particular weekend provided conditions of all kinds. Saturday held fast with winds at 7 knots and lighter throughout the day allowing, the race committee to complete four races.

However, Sunday’s weather wasn’t as forgiving. The race committee wasn’t able to get off any races until nearly 1 p.m.

At this point, the breeze was shifty, making for some serious game changers. New 420 crew and NHYC junior member. Katie Calder, weighed in on the conditions: “The shifts were crazy! Once you’d get through a huge right shift, you were just waiting for the next one.”

Finally, the breeze began to build, providing trapping conditions for many competitors.

But the race committee was only able to finish three races and was forced to send the sailors in early, making for a quick regatta.

A local team that proved that the conditions weren’t holding them back was Carolyn Smith and Victoria Lewis representing NHYC and BYC, respectively. They boasted five Top 10 finishes out of the seven races, were the second all-girl team, and top local finisher placing 6th overall. Smith’s normal crew, Bayley Davidson, was out with an injury, but helped Smith stay in the top of the overall series.

Michael Dahl, had a rough regatta due to the fact that, he too, wasn’t sailing with his normal crew, Nicole Grice, both representing NHYC. However, overall in the series they took 8th, the top area finisher.

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