Supporters Pitch in $100K for New Nautical Attraction

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ExplorOcean Chairman of the Board Tom Pollack and President Rita Redaelli Stenlund. Photo by Jim Collins
Chief Pilot of the Five Dives Expedition and Honorary Event Chairman Chris Welsh. Photo by Jim Collins

More than 400 supporters of ExplorOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum gathered at the Fun Zone last weekend for a fundraiser and the unveiling of plans for a new ExplorOcean attraction at the Balboa Peninsula site.

The evening netted the museum more than $100,000 and about that many oohs and aahs, architect Rick D’Amato and ExplorOcean officials showed off a model and renderings of the planned attraction. It will feature exhibits, simulations, a “4D” theater experience, a children’s play area, restaurants, a multimedia-equipped theater, and a dockside amusement area with ferris wheel.

New board Chair Tom Pollack and museum President Rita Stenlund welcomed guests, along with the honorary event chair, yachtsman and explorer Chris Welsh.

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  1. By the way, where did our beloved nautical history museum go? It is in the basement of Sherman Gardens! Newport is the only city I know of that doesn’t take care of its rich history, photos and artifacts. It is disappointing and very sad.

    It would be wonderful if some of these wealthy people with extra funds would consider finding a permanent spot for Newport Beach’s rich history, photos and artifacts. Local residents do not care about ExplorOcean but we would go to visit a historical museum filled with photos and artifacts of our beloved Newport Beach.

    It doesn’t need to be fancy – Costa Mesa is using a portable building but they have a permanent spot. It is strictly being run and managed by volunteers and it doesn’t cost the city any money at all. It is a resource for the public and Newport Beach should follow suit and start preserving its history.