One Tasteful Car

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* Here’s a follow-up on my friend, Bob, whose new car finally arrived in Newport Beach last week after six months of negotiations. The inside color scheme is quite striking as he had portrayed. The leather on the dashboard is a dark mocha; the seats and doors a soft almond color. The wood between them is a highly polished deep brown burl mahogany. I suggested that in the future, to save words and time, he refer to the color scheme as “Mocha Almond Fudge.”

* The Angel’s firing of hitting coach Mickey Hatcher is the right move – although late. The annual prolonged batting slump by all players at the same time has become part of Angel culture and folklore. Both Bourjos (CF) and Trout (LF) should play every day, Bourjos’s speed belongs on the basebpats, not the bench! Trumbo should stay in RF. Wells and Hunter should be benched, traded or released. Scioscia should temporarily go upstairs to management for R&R and to give Piccolo a chance.  Bring up a promising third baseman or shortstop from the minors and play him at third.

*  The reaction to the new Island Theatres is negative by many viewers. Main objections are the high cost ($16) of some tickets; too much delay at all the checkpoints, and the sounds and smells of dinner being served in the seats. Who needs a reserved seat when the halls are often empty? The comment heard most often is, “We’ve tried it once and won’t go back.” Even though we live in an upscale area, the rich aren’t foolish. Although the plush new theaters are worth seeing, it’s time for the well-meaning Regal Group to regroup and rethink its strategy.

* Pro golfers are worried that Tiger Woods may be making a serious comeback. At a tournament two weeks ago he missed the final cut by only one stroke.

* The old timers at the coffee klatches tell me that many years ago about 420 boats would enter the Newport-to-Ensenada boat race. This year the number was 210. It seems that even our finest sailors are deterred by the warring cartels.

* Not a day goes by without some claim being made that certain foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and magical anti-oxidants lower the risks for cancer, heart attack or stroke. Now we learn that the Omega-6 fatty acids in large quantities may actually lead to an increase in heart attack and cancer risk. The Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils are anti-inflammatory and neutralize the effects of Omega-6 oils. Thoroughly confused, I added up all the percentage risk reductions for cancer, heart attacks and strokes from the foods, vitamins, minerals, etc. I was taking. The totals were 235 percent reduction for cancer, 310 percent for heart attacks and 275 for strokes. Does this mean I won’t have to die and can sell my cemetery plot?

* Today I have a true-life doggie dilemma story for you to give an opinion. A Newport Beach woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk in Corona del Mar. An irate homeowner came to the door and yelled at the woman to pick up after her dog. The woman told the lady at the door that her dog was not responsible. The homeowner persisted. The NB lady was faced with a dilemma. As a responsible dog owner she had the necessary supplies. Should she just leave because her dog was not responsible or be a stalwart citizen and clean up the sidewalk? What would you have done? Maybe someone should write a book on “Doggie Manners.” Send your thoughts to [email protected]. The answers will be tallied for the next column.

* I asked my 3-year-old granddaughter what she wanted to do when she visited California. Said Brooke, “I don’t know, Grandpa Mike, but when I get there I know I will find something to do and just do it.”

Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., Newport Beach, is an ornery curmudgeon who writes “Deep Thoughts From Dr. Mike.”


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