Time for Councilman Peotter to Go

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Scott Peotter is an embarrassment to our community and a failure as our city councilman.

He tries to say he is being recalled because of his faith, or that he is politically incorrect and outspoken. None of that is true.  He is being recalled because of his support for high rise development, his efforts to deny the constitutional rights of residents to petition their government, his utter failure to follow our laws and his insults to his colleagues and the public.

He strongly supports high-density, high-rise development and even endorsed raising the height limits for developers on Lido. He fought hard to block the Museum House referendum by requiring the ten-pound petition and voted twice to approve the project.

Peotter has insulted his colleagues, compared a councilmember to notorious killers, and insulted residents who opposed his high-rise development plans. He violated the Brown Act by disclosing confidential closed session deliberations and broke campaign contribution regulations and political reporting laws. 

He misused the city seal and has been rebuked twice by the council. He is the subject of an FPPC investigation for election law violations.

He proposed speculating in the stock market with city tax dollars, voted for fee cuts and large settlements for his contributors and voted against the city sexual harassment prevention policies. Claiming to be a “fiscal conservative,” Peotter uses his council position to collect compensation from four public agencies.

As for keeping his promises, pension debt is $70 million higher and accelerating faster since he took office. The operating budget is up $22 million, capital spending is down because Marina Park was completed, not because of Peotter. His plan to reduce bonded debt would have increased debt service by $20 million. He was successful in putting an embezzler on the finance committee.

Our city cannot afford the extremist policies of a councilman who disrespects our laws and who mocks and insults residents who disagree with him. Sign the petition to recall Scott Peotter.

For more information visit recallscottpeotter.com.

 Lynn Swain

On behalf of the Committee to Recall Scott Peotter

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