Undue Influence

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If political consultant Dave Ellis’ candidates Lee Lowrey and Will O’Neil win seats on the City Council, Dave Ellis will have a supermajority of the Council deeply obligated to him.  In isolation, this fact raises eyebrows about undue influence, but when combined with Mr. Ellis’ reported role as consultant to projects such as the 25 story Museum House, it raises a very real spectra of inappropriate influence.

I called the FPPC, who assured me that this was legal because it was known that Mr. Ellis had been the campaign manager for City Councilpersons. 

It may be legal, but it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test.

Will O’Neil, a candidate managed by Dave Ellis, seeks to downplay this conflict of interest in his editorial chiding columnist Jean Ardell for even bringing it up. However, this is the most important fact of our current campaign.

For some years now, I have declined to vote for anyone who is affiliated with Dave Ellis and I will continue my pattern this year by voting for Jeff Herdman and Phil Greer.  I encourage any resident concerned about the undue influence of developers on our council to do the same.

 Susan Skinner

Newport Beach

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