Unrelated Deep Thoughts

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*  Car Spotting

As you have probably noticed, most of the medium sized cars as well as some of the luxury cars look very much alike, with similar bodies. Therefore I’m considering a modest proposal for myself. My next car will be one of those nice looking new Chevrolets or Fords. Then my plan is to remove all the Chevy or Ford brand logos and rebrand them with BMW, Audi or Lexus logos. Like magic –- a faux high priced car for a reasonable price.

* The Magnetic Defense

In spite of all the new safety technology in our new cars, there are still hundreds of thousands of accidents every year. How about another modest proposal? Put large rectangular magnets on the front and back bumpers of every car. The polarity should be such that the north poles face outward. If two cars get too close, the north poles will repel one another.

* The Great Greinke Followup

Last week I made a silly Deep Thoughts prediction that our local teams (the Angels and Dodgers) would have a two-thirds chance of signing pitcher Zack Greinke in the bidding against Texas. The good news is that Greinke signed with one of them for $147 million. The bad news is that it was with the Dodgers not the Angels.

*  Dodger Revenge

With all their latest signings the Dodgers’ payroll is well over $200 million a year. They have far surpassed the Angels and Yankees in yearly salaries. Don’t forget that The LA Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodgers finally have revenge for all those drubbings handed to them by the Yankees over 50 years ago. Some memories and grudges die-hard.

* Lesser Can Mean More

A friend recently moved to the Orange County area. He narrowed his house search to two finalists. One was $15,000 below his budget and the other $35,000 above. He chose the lower priced home. Naturally, when he took ownership, a number of well-covered flaws and defects were discovered. By the time he made all the changes and upgrades his total costs were greater than if he had bought the nicer house in the first place. All this proves, once again, that lesser can mean more. Remember when grandpa used to tell you that he couldn’t afford anything cheap!

* Kids are Smart These Days

Writes a reader, “When my daughter lived out of town, I asked my 3 year old granddaughter where she thought Grandma and Grandpa lived? She answered, ‘the airport.’ I asked why she said that and her response was, ‘that is where we always go to pick you up and take you home.’“

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