The View From the Stands

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The Problem

We want our Angels back. There is wide spread fan disenchantment in Newport Beach about the Angels lifeless and listless play this season. General Manager Tony Reagins recently said that a complete overhaul was not needed. Devoted Angel fans who pay the outrageous ticket prices – and salaries – disagree.


The Owner

Time for Arte Moreno to get mad, make some tough decisions, and spend some gold for the 2011 Angels’ 50th (golden) anniversary. With the passing of longtime Yankee owner George Steinbrenner, Moreno has a chance to be the man and should relish the challenge.


The General Manager

The GM has failed to make the needed player moves in a timely and cost-effective manner. When star player Kendry Morales crashed into home plate (post walk-off grand slam) in a freaky accident the Angels were still in the race. Instead of acting quickly to replace his first baseman, Reagins dallied all season while the Angels deteriorated physically, mentally and emotionally. Under similar critical circumstances the Yankees, Phillies and Rangers made moves swiftly without giving up half the team.


The Manager

Mike Scioscia has lost some of his magic. The buzz on the street is that young players and rookies do not respond well to his style. Let’s admit that after the 2002 championship season Scioscia has been less affective without bench coach Joe Madden and pitching coach Bud Black, who now manage in Tampa Bay and San Diego. Perhaps Manager Mike should move upstairs to become GM. As someone who played the game and is well respected by other front offices, he could be very effective in a fresh spot.


The Coaches

Time to say good-bye to all except the pitching coach. Someone must take responsibility for the failure of development of Angel prospects – considered the best in baseball five years ago.


The Players

Keep Torii Hunter, Peter Bourjos, Kendry Morales, Jeff Mathis, Hank Conger, all the starting pitchers and hot young-gun relievers.


Sign new middle relievers and closers.


Make all other players subject to trade, waivers or release.



• Enter free agency market early while the menu still has prime choices.

• Acquire young fast players who love the game and hate to lose. Remember the movie, The Rookie, when Dennis Quaid (to paraphrase) said, “Guess what we get to do today – play baseball.”

• Recruit a young math wizard from Yale, as did the Yankees when GM Brian Cashman signed Michael Fishman as his assistant to evaluate the relative cost and value of players.


Surprise in the Making

Look for shortstop Brandon Wood to finally emerge, after being traded to a contender!


A Final Prayer

Please find us 25 players who would love to “play baseball” today for our Angels

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