Views of the Film Fest

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Actress Irina Krichely.
"Valley of the Sun" cast members, Garrett Morris, Beth Grant and Johnny Whitworth.
Director Amanda Stoddard and Chris Waddell of the film "One Revolution," which chronicled Waddell's quest to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.
"Fake" actor Gabe Mann, director/producer/writer Gregory W. Friedle, and actor Robert Loggia.
"Balls to the Wall" director Penelope Spheeris, with Christoper McDonald.
David Bossert, Mark Henn and Don Hahn of Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Jim Abernaethy, George C, Schellenger, Director, Screenwriter, Wylan, Guy Harvey and Shawn Heinrichs, creators of the movie, "This Is Your Ocean: Sharks."
Colin Hanks, director Gil Cates Jr. and Jeffrey Tambor of the film, "Lucky."
Actor Andy Kirsch and actor/director/producer Kate Conner of the film, "Fort McCoy."
Newport Beach Film Festival closing night festivities with performers from Fire & Ice Entertainment at Lido Village.


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