Visit Newport Beach Launches New Summer Campaign: ‘Newport Beach is Calling’

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Scene from the Visit Newport Beach summer campaign, “Newport Beach is Calling”

“Newport Beach is calling.”

If Newport Beach is on the phone, you must answer the call. At least that’s that idea behind the new Visit Newport Beach campaign dubbed “Newport Beach is Calling.”

Launching on June 20 (the first day of summer), the campaign takes a nostalgic twist by transporting travelers back to the iconic 1990s, blending retro fun with modern luxury as it follows two friends on a glamorous adventure around Newport Beach.

With vintage fashion and equally vintage phones, along with the introduction of Visit Newport Beach’s new innovative AI concierge, Marina, the campaign offers a fun and interactive way to plan the perfect summer getaway.

This summer, Visit Newport Beach wants people to put worries on hold and answer the call to luxury and relaxation. According to media information, Newport Beach is “on standby to connect you with the ultimate summer vacation. Newport Beach is calling—will you answer?”

Scene from the Visit Newport Beach summer campaign, “Newport Beach is Calling”

According to Visit Newport Beach, the “Newport Beach is Calling” campaign visuals and commercial perfectly capture the spirit of the 1990s while showcasing the modern luxury of Newport Beach.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the campaign is Marina, an AI Concierge Extraordinaire, as Visit Newport Beach describes it.

Call (800) 94-COAST to connect with the AI concierge and have Marina become your personal vacation guru.

Here’s how the Newport Beach Vacation Hotline can help:

  1. Tailor-Made Itineraries: The AI concierge will ask you a few questions to get to know you and your preferences. Are you a thrill-seeker? Do you love gourmet dining? Marina will then whip up a custom Newport Beach itinerary that’s perfect for you.
  2. Get Your Newport-Beach Related Questions Answered: The AI concierge has all the answers you’re looking for. Wondering where to find the best fish tacos? Looking for the top spots to catch a sunset? Marina’s extensive knowledge of Newport Beach ensures you get the insider tips and hidden gems that will make for a memorable vacation.

“The launch of ‘Newport Beach is Calling’ is an exciting moment for us, as it brings a fresh, nostalgic energy to our summer offerings,” says Gary Sherwin, President & CEO of Visit Newport Beach. “This campaign not only highlights the luxurious experiences Newport Beach is known for, but also adds a fun, playful twist that we believe will captivate both new and returning visitors. We’re thrilled to invite everyone to explore the unique blend of glamour and relaxation that defines a Newport Beach summer.”

Dial into the “Newport Beach is Calling” landing page at to explore vacation options with thoughtfully curated itineraries.

To view the “Newport Beach is Calling” 60-second commercial, visit

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