Weekly Rant

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Our Founding Fathers had a unique inspiration from God at just the right time which they brought to a people that would forever change us as Americans and the way the rest of the world would view us as a Nation under God.

The experiment that was to become the American Revolution was as much about God’s Divine Providence as it was about politics and a new country. The fruit was a new country founded on individual freedom, the sovereignty of man and a notion that individuals could care for each other if they were governed by moral and principled countrymen.

The church played a substantial role in the polity and character of the way the people behaved. Regardless of denomination preachers spoke to the issue of moral character whether it was at work, home our in government. The axiom of “Your character is a sum of your habits” played true in colonial America.

If we are a Nation under God we must speak from the pulpit and in the public square to this point. To do this we must awaken the souls of those that are called to lead us.

We need to preach the principle of personal responsibility which means much more than being good, but getting off our butts and getting engaged with who we are as God’s people in this country, which is last hope of all mankind. And those are not my words but Reagan’s: “Amreica’s freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”

People are flawed, power corrupts and it is much easier to tell your child it’s OK to stay out “just another half hour”

We must dare to discipline ourselves to take the higher moral ground at all cost , Great civilizations do not die from murder, they die from suicide. They fail to meet the challenges from a lack of will. Those challenges were the same ones that once made them great. The challenge will be, how we respond and will we be move on a path of National renewal and enlightenment. The church must take the lead role as it did during our founding in the restoration of our people and then our country.

Every Noble work is at first impossible, but with a “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence and a mutual pledge to each other of our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” we will prevail.

Bill Dunlap


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