When in Drought

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How does giving millions of gallons of water to these new developments make ANY sense while the rest of us are restricted to watering our gardens only once a week?

Museum House – 100 dwellings

Banning Ranch – 895 dwellings

San Joaquin Plaza – 524 dwellings

Echo – 36 dwellings

Meridian Residences – 79 dwellings

Lido Villas – 23 dwellings

Uptown Newport – 1244 dwellings

Back Bay Landing – 49 dwellings

150 Newport Center – 49 dwellings

Koll Center – 260 dwellings

Saunders Property – 325 dwellings

The Newport Residences – 384 dwellings

Ebb Tide – 81 dwellings

Total: 4049 new dwellings

It all adds up! Even at a modest per household use of 400 gallons a day, these 4049 new households will require 591 million gallons of water a year!

Of course, we should all be saving water, but should we be giving so much of it to these developments? Frankly, I’m beginning to feel a little like a sucker.

Andrea Lingle

Newport Beach


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