Why Audit Newport Beach City Hall?

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I am puzzled by the eagerness of Mr. English [English 101 column in the NB Indy issue of Jan. 9] and the new members of our City Council to audit (or re-audit) the Newport Beach city hall construction project and review contracts and city management.

Do they expect to find criminal behavior which needs to be prosecuted (that seems highly unlikely), do they plan to get some of the money back (really?), or are they just playing “the blame game,” which often backfires?

They can’t get rid of the new Civic Center, as they hoped to do with the rabbit statues, so they merely want to shame their predecessors at city hall. What nonsense. We thought they might drop their hostile pre-election campaign diatribes and get down to some serious governing but apparently not. Do they plan to politicize city business? Unfortunately this appears to be more like what’s happening in Congress than what we expect from our local Council.

Robert R. Young

Corona del Mar

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  1. Explanation: Peotter, Muldoon and Mr. English are organs of the slate’s campaign consultant. As you wrote “hostile pre-election diatribes.” Their first two measures, – – removing the bunnies and changing the invocation policy – – failed and revealed their incompetence and disregard for community.