Woman Dies During Robbery at Fashion Island

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A 69-year-old woman was killed on Tuesday, July 2, in what Newport Beach Police are calling a botched robbery at Fashion Island.

According to Newport Beach Police Sgt. Steve Oberon during a press conference, around 3:30 p.m. on July 2, a husband and wife walking in front of Barnes and Noble were approached by two suspects. There was a struggle, and the couple were robbed.

A white Toyota Camry sedan then pulled up and the suspects tried to get into that vehicle to flee the scene. One of the suspects ran while the vehicle fled and struck the female victim.

The male suspect that ran got back into the vehicle, at which point rounds were fired from a handgun and the vehicle fled the scene. Fortunately, no one was struck by the handgun rounds. The victim’s husband had no visible injuries. The name of the woman who died was not immediately released.

“Unfortunately, and tragically, the female that was struck by the car was pronounced deceased,” said Sgt. Oberon. “Newport Beach police officers then ensued in a pursuit which took them into L.A. County. All three suspects have been captured.”

When asked how the victim was run over, Sgt. Oberon replied “There was a struggle, and we believe the suspects dragged her into the street.”

According to Sgt. Oberon, every available officer and detective responded to the area. The east side of Fashion Island was closed off for the investigation.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill was at the press conference and was visibly upset and angry about what occurred.

“Newport Beach is a safe community, and we are mourning the loss of someone today, a loss that never should have happened,” stated O’Neill. “They came into our city knowing that they were going to commit a crime, and a woman is dead today because of it. It’s heartbreaking, it’s a tragedy. I am so thankful for our overwhelming and immediate police response.”

Calling the suspects “thugs and creeps,” O’Neill said “Fashion Island does not experience crime like this. This is a staggering, stunning act that just doesn’t happen here.”




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